Accurate Label Designs, Inc. is a label printing company which specializes in school labels including visitor pass solutions for schools. Since 1999, Accurate Label Designs (ALD) has been the leader in the customized school label marketplace with over 25,000 schools having placed orders. The most popular label type are our Visitor Pass labels. Some examples of other school labels are Substitute, Field Trip, Volunteer, Temporary ID, Early Release, etc. We also offer school visitor badges that are plastic and come with a lanyard or clip-on. ALD markets to the Education (K-12) Industry and has a complete line of school labels that identify people in the school environment. Located just north of Atlanta, GA, ALD has customers in every state in the country at the Elementary, Middle and High School levels. From our most popular and cost effective Customized Roll Labels to the more complete Visitor-Trac Log-In System, ALD has a solution for every school’s needs and budget.

Based on our successes in the Education arena, we have been expanding into the corporate marketplace. Our leading product in this area has been the Visitor-Trac Log-In System. This Visitor Pass product was designed to create a duplicate record of the Visitor sign-in process so that businesses can have a historical record of who has been in their facility. We have also added the Self-Expiring Visitor-Trac Log-In System. This product creates a duplicate record also but the visitor pass expires overnight as well. With complete customization capabilities - business logos, names and specific sub-headings can be selected to suit a specific need. Various label and text colors can be also be chosen to give you a very unique and custom look to your visitor pass labels.

If you are presently ordering from another company, we would like the opportunity to earn your business. We will beat prices on similar products with our PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE including all school labels such as Visitor Pass labels plus plastic Visitor Badges and I trust you will find a superior level of customer support and product quality when dealing with our organization. If you are making your own visitor pass labels and other school labels, please consider the costs associated with that and the time & effort involved. Most schools find that it is not worth it when we can just send you a customized visitor pass label and other school labels like Field Trip, Substitute, Volunteer, etc. We also have school visitor badges that are plastic and come with a lanyard or clip-on. Look at our different visitor pass label solutions and call us at 1-800-222-4712 to order or to ask questions.