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To create your own custom label,
call 1-800-222-4712.

COVID-19 School Labels from Accurate Labels

COVID-19 School Labels (PDF)

  • All label samples can be changed or customized to fit your needs.
  • This includes subheadings like Name, Date, etc.
  • You can create your own label type too if needed.
  • To order, call 1-800-222-4712 or email

Customized Roll Labels

  • Only $45 - $69 per 1,000 labels
  • Most Economical Customized Solution
  • Multiple Size Options (4" x 3", 3" x 2", 3.75" Circular)
  • More Label Colors Available
  • Non-Customized Roll Labels also available

Visitor Tracking Labels

Customized Visitor-Trac Log-In System

Self-Expiring Visitor Tracking

Self-Expiring Visitor-Trac Log-In System

  • Labels Expire Overnight
  • Creates Duplicate Record
  • Complete Visitor Management System
  • Highest Print Quality Available

Customized Sheet Labels

Sheet Labels (Non-Duplicate Record)

  • Only $45 - $69 per 800 labels
  • Time In/Out Fields
  • Highest Print Quality Available
  • Multi-Color Logos

School Plastic Badges and Labels

Plastic Badges

  • Reusable Non-Label Alternative
  • Multiple Attachment Options Available
  • Highly Visible Solution

School Visitor Sign to accompany label products